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Live Mail Crashed. Now Error Mssg " Unable To Display Folders".?

On Windows 7 the .pps will not open directly from the attachment (with Powerpoint installed) received in the Hotmail account, so i have to open Powerpoint and then go to the Answer:Windows Live Mail 2011 - recipients not receiving mail Welcome Of course, I cannot offer a definitive answer, but merely give the most like first. My Live Mail Address book has new contacts in it. 1) How do I update the Windows 7 contacts folder? 2) And what is the point of the Windows 7 contacts It just picks up what you put in the address book. have a peek here

And it also does not work with these forwarded mail addresses. Now, the Comcast techs are lost, or just do not want to help me reconfigure it into Windows Live Mail (as the whole problem was created by their instructions on how Is there a proper solution using this disc or you may have another option? I cannot seem to get rid of these messages either. read this post here

I have been using Windows Live Mail for about a month. This junk mail may be in my inbox or junk mail box but all have something in common. Suddenly, after I tried to delete some messages, I get the above error. If you need anymore info please let me know.

Answer:Windows Live Mail Can't Access Folders or e-mails Ask your question at Home - Microsoft Community 1 more replies Relevance 63.14% Question: windows live mail issues of lost folders dear all,I solady Answer:Opening E-Mail attachment Hi. She clicks the Live Mail icon on her desktop and the mail would open. Both worked perfectly before the failed upgrade.

Thanking you for your kind investigating this problem and trying finding a solution. Mail freezes whenever opening any kind of attachments whether its .pdf or .doc or anything. What used to be a one-click option to create a new email to an address now requires a click on Contacts, scroll down the list, single click the address, single click Unable to send or receive messages for the Outlook (simone.natalie) account.

Question:I would now like to move my custom folders from the current location under the "Storage fol... Please advise me if this is possible, and if so, what is the specific procedure? I have windows 7 and my laptop is about 5 years old It has been causing me several issues recently and would like to get a new laptop but am not Answer:Windows Live Mail - emails disappeared in storage folders Answered my own question in the end.

Hopefully a WLM expert will come along, but until then. http://threadposts.org/question/2287448/Windows-Live-Mail-quot-Unexpected-Error-quot-Unable-to-delete-some-messages.html Once due to a System Restore, it corrupted file formats, I can see them in the Identity/Message Store Folder, IncrediMail just doesn't recognize those folders anymore. At the suggestion of my main outfit Eberly Systems, I downloaded Firefox and set that as the default browser. After I went to premium the malware seem to go away.

I stopped using it and deleted the email accounts I configured there.In my opinion, one killer feature of Windows Live Mail is that Storage Folders are mapped into REAL Folders in http://myscribr.com/live-mail/how-to-add-contacts-to-windows-live-mail.html I have an Icon on my Desktop for Outlook and all works just fine. Contact us about this article Is there an add on to Win7 FF that will automatically check any websites you visit and tell you if they are safe to use? 0 Then check if any are missing before worrying about whether to copy over any emails or not.

And what association should I set if I do find, how. If it is unchecked I get no copies for the University account and just one for Gmail.Does anyone know a way to fix this?edit: Oh, and a side question, is it The host could not be found. Check This Out Thanks Abhishek More replies Relevance 49.2% Question: Windows Live Mail/Comcast/mail server settings needed Please need to solve, at this time, the following, and believe I need the server settings and other

I want to uninstall all current mail installed then install anew. I don't use WLM so I cannot verify it. 3 more replies Relevance 62.32% Question: Windows 7 Contacts Folder and Live Mail Address Book Not in Sync? Why is Windows importing the old e-mail.

Welcome to BCDo you have an XP or recovery CD?

The option for the use to "always ask for this file type" has been greyed out.Thanks in advance Answer:Opening Mail Attachment Dialog Box 6 more replies Relevance 72.57% Question: live mail I can print it and save it. Answer:Windows Live Messenger Starts Up When Logging In to Live Mail in Browser From this post: http://www.vistax64.com/live-messeng...tml#post964562 Quote: ...Pop open IE on any machine with Messenger, choose the Tools menu, Manage Hello, I have Windows Live Mail under Windows 8 and I am trying to move a number of custom mail "folders" from under the "Storage" header to under the "E-Mail Account"

On front page came up saved my instruction. Still finding my way thru Windows 8.1 after ten years of XP.I have two "Junk" Folders in Windows Live Mail app and cannot delete the second one. I would like to remove the 2nd one because I see no need for it. this contact form from the new location.

Do you have any idea what is happening or whether it can be fixed?Thank you. So I need to get it working from her desktop.After the crash when the mail opens from the desktop icon all folders (inbox, sent etc.) have the error message "Unable to Then click on 'Microsoft Office'. From what I was able to find, they are located in C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Contacts\{b5f3929f-ba60-4632-ad4e-b602b1c8e007}\DBStore There is a contacts.edb file in there.

Be sure that you do step 9 and 10 to apply it.Microsoft Account - Change Email Address in Windows 8Hope this helps, Shawn 17 more replies Relevance 65.19% Question: if I Is this possible? Thx!!! But Ive noticed it doesnt BACK UP all of the emails...

Thanks Jerbear Answer:Moving Storage Folders in Windows Live Mail Hi Jerbear, welcome to Seven Forums.If your pc crashes, you will lose all the mail in WLM. I drill down to the individual messages in the correct folders and view them without any problem.

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