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Remove Hard Drive While Computer Is Running


Disconnecting/connecting IDE cables while powered destroys drives and destroys main boards. Entegy "Wootebago" Ars Praefectus Tribus: Montreal, QC Registered: Apr 9, 2010Posts: 14314 Posted: Fri Jun 17, 2011 5:08 pm Ulf wrote:There's also a Registry Edit to get AHCI working properly.Why motherboards If it is checked, uncheck it and click OK.   Double-click on Computer to open it, then right-click on the external drive's drive letter (for example, E:) and select Properties. its not advertised cuz users are idiots though. http://myscribr.com/hard-drive/hard-drive-constantly-running-windows-10.html

Further along I also see discussion about 'if you want the serial ATA hard drives to use the AHCI, set it to AHCI.'. syker says thanks. varun5049July 20th, 2009, 09:17 AMI have done that with my external Hdd a couple of times... Upgrade An Easy Way to Bigger and Better. http://superuser.com/questions/221066/can-i-connect-and-disconnect-a-sata-harddrive-while-my-computer-is-running

Remove Hard Drive While Computer Is Running

When I went into bios and changed the storage configuration from 'enhanced ide' to ahci. Nothing more than that.. Not the answer you're looking for? Always ...

Since no arms are moving (for USB hard-drives), or bytes on the drive flickering on and off (for flash drives), is it then "safe" to unplug a drive? I won't make that assumption. Step 2:  A process that can hold up the drive is explorer.exe. This is because of the Windows Recycle Bin. Hot Swap Sata Drive I sure wish I had photo's of that scorched ribbon cable I pulled out of an old AMD Thunderbird.

Danger Mouse "The Dude" Ars Legatus Legionis et Subscriptor Tribus: Los Angeles, CA Registered: Nov 14, 2000Posts: 33267 Posted: Wed Jun 08, 2011 4:19 am yd wrote:Thanks Danger Mouse,A quick look Can I Plug In A Hard Drive While The Computer Is On I always buy USBs with an activity indicator light to help. It should work for new versions of Windows, but your mileage my vary. July 10, 2012 sill @ MP nice speech if you're running for president, lots of unspecific generalizations & clechés that don't really go anywhere.

Unlocker doesn't cost anything, although you're encouraged to make a $5 donation. How To Eject External Hard Drive From Mac about the only thing u cant hot swap in a desktop is the ram and cpu. One trick that I find helpful, when Windows says it cannot stop the device, is to use Unlocker to view (not necessarily unlock) the locking handles, so you can figure out After your fry your first component, and see the sparks and smoke , you probably will not do that again, at least now without proper precautions and personal insulation and a

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  • July 10, 2012 Richard @ Steve-O-Rama That was bugging me when I first got W7 and also noticed that it depended on the usb flash drive because on some the light
  • because i have a lot of important data in there,things that my brother dont want to see GrenageJuly 20th, 2009, 10:26 AMIf you're bothered about privacy, use encryption.

Can I Plug In A Hard Drive While The Computer Is On

How is virtual memory actually increasing the memory space? well we could do with one more observation.. Remove Hard Drive While Computer Is Running It has been rendered obsolete by truecrypt's excellent gui. Disconnect And Reconnect The Internal Hard Drive If that doesn't work, you can simply shut down your computer--not hibernate it or put it in sleep mode--but shut it down completely.

It must exist on a harddrive somewhere else, too. (this one is a surprisingly common downfall, people think "oh cool, I can have all my stuff just on this little stick, weblink It is because the cache is flushed after the write of each sector, so the floppy can be removed at any time when not in use. (Still, you will get a When you eject a device, Windows will flush the write cache to the disk, ensuring all necessary changes are made before notifying you when it’s safe to remove the drive. Data cables should be OK, because i think the voltage/amperage is low enough. Can't Eject External Hard Drive Windows 7

Check in your Device Manager to see if you have the Marvell eSATA controller listed. Have something to add to the explanation? That always works, but it takes time and interrupts your workflow. navigate here Select Configure drives independently (instead of Use one setting for all drives).

Select Control Panel and then Add/Remove Windows Components.   Confirm that the Indexing Service is unchecked. Msahci Uncheck the Allow Indexing Service to index this disk for fast file searching box.   Then retry the Safe Removal. WTF?

Double-click on the Safely Remove icon in your Windows System Tray.

This will not work with USB drives because they get a different identifier each time. Step 5:  In Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000, please follow these directions: Right-click on (My) Computer. May 10, 2007 at 5:01 PM #8 Zedicus Joined: Sep 30, 2004 Messages: 500 (0.11/day) Thanks Received: 42 System Specs Processor: dual G34 6128he Motherboard: h8dg6 Cooling: OEM Memory: 48gb DDR3 Safely Remove Hardware May 10, 2007 at 5:28 PM #19 Athlon2K15 HyperVtX™ Joined: Sep 27, 2006 Messages: 7,778 (2.07/day) Thanks Received: 2,310 Location: O-H-I-O System Specs Processor: Core i7 6700K Motherboard: EVGA Z170 Classified

July 10, 2012 spike @ken: Simple - In the notification settings, change the "Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media" icon to "Show icon and notifications". As to why truecrypt is not in the repos: I'm not positive, but that level of encryption is illegal in many countries outside of the U.S. Been doing this since flash drives first came out. http://myscribr.com/hard-drive/how-to-remove-hard-drive-from-compaq-presario-desktop.html That would be faster, not to mention eSATA is designed for this kind of use...

May 10, 2007 at 5:32 PM #21 Urlyin Senior Moderator Joined: Aug 17, 2004 Messages: 2,352 (0.52/day) Thanks Received: 141 DanTheBanjoman said: ↑ The hardware is never made to be hotpluggable, I do however wait until the light on the usb drive is no longer flashing. May 10, 2007 at 5:03 PM #9 Casheti New Member Joined: May 3, 2006 Messages: 4,422 (1.13/day) Thanks Received: 29 System Specs Zedicus said: ↑ if u remove it in device How?

Image Credit: Ambuj Saxena (Flickr) JOIN THE DISCUSSION (5 REPLIES) December 24, 2016 Byron Jacobs A well-reported article. I was using a docking station but to drag and drop all the files to it was looking like forever to get things done. After I changed to Windows7, the OS simple doesn't acknowledge the existance of my 1TB drive (people have mentioned I fucked up when I installed Windows on the SSD without having Got to safe mode at the moment so hoping things can get sorted out but restarting normally is getting me nowhere.edit...nope, seems fucked, might be off to MS forum to see

Is it because its in the bios? You can either close the pop-up window or it will close by itself. Windows preferences changed to default to the USB quick removal option. The thing to think about is that the system may be accessing it without you realizing, if you don't know how to check (Indexer, Backup, etc.) @Dano: It's more a matter

I switched the power off connected the hdd back on an it started. It could be screwing up on boot order because the drive is connected or because a USB device you've got connected presents itself as a bootable device to the BIOS. May 10, 2007 at 5:30 PM #20 kingofhakers New Member Joined: Apr 19, 2007 Messages: 52 (0.01/day) Thanks Received: 41 Location: Raleigh, NC lol you might be able to. So I took it out of the docking station and installed it into the computer.

Hinton Ars Legatus Legionis Registered: Apr 21, 2001Posts: 14965 Posted: Wed Jun 08, 2011 1:14 pm yd wrote:edit - I have a standard Maxtor 2 tb sata drive, do you need IOW, one of your internal ports may not be usable when the eSATA port is in use. Is this true even if data is being written to it, but the operation temporarily "suspended"? (assuming you don't mind that specific file only having been half-written to the drive) external-hard-drive could i check for some clues in the "log file viewer" ?

Published 12/22/16 DID YOU KNOW?Although the terms casket and coffin are used interchangeably in vernacular American English, there is a distinct difference-a casket is a rectangular box with square corners and Not the answer you're looking for? Before unplugging the drive, it needs to be dismounted by dragging the drive to the Trash Can.Wait a few seconds after the drive has gone into the Trash Can; once the

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